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How to apply for Philippines passport? [Complete Guide]

One of the most important documents that any citizen of each country should have is their passport, especially for those people who wish to travel outside of their country. It is the document that serves to show what your citizenship is in a foreign country.

Here in the Philippines, the process of getting a passport was not only long but it was complicated and tedious as well. But in time, thanks to advancements, developments, and great leadership, the process has gotten simpler and easier. Even setting up an appointment is now doable online.

For those of you who will be applying for their Philippine passport for the first time, this article will guide those of you on the step-by-step process of getting your Philippine passport.

Step 1: Make sure all the required documents is prepared and ready

Required documents:

  • At least one valid ID. (It has to be government-issued)

Example: Digitized SSS ID, Driver’s License, Voter’s ID, GSIS E-Card, Old College ID, Alumni ID, etc.

  • At least three supporting documents

Example: Barangay Clearance, Government Service Record, NSO Marriage Certificate, Elementary or High School Form 137 or Transcript of Records (TOR) WITH readable dry seal, Police Clearance, National Bureau of Investigation Clearance (NBI), etc.

  • Original copy of your birthday certificate that has been issued by National Statistics Office (NSO)
  • For married applicant, Marriage Certificate
  • Additional documents for those below 18 years old
  • For Muslim applicants: Certificate of Tribal Affiliation from the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF)
  • For those with dual citizenship, proof of PHILIPPINE citizenship

REMINDER! Bring 2 copies of each the document stated, 1 original and 1 photocopy of the document to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). If not, the DFA will then cancel your appointment.

Step 2: Create a PASSPORT APPOINTMENT with the DFA.

There can be two ways that can be done for this, personal appearance or online.

Personal appearance – You must first call the DFA customer service hotline (02) 737-1000. The customer service representative will give you instructions and you must provide them with the needed information. If there are additional requirements, you will be informed by the customer service representative. You will then have to choose the most convenient DFA site for you because you will need to make a personal appearance. Get an early schedule. The reference number and print code for you to access and print your application form will be given.

Online – Go to this site to set an appointment. Choose the DFA site most convenient to you and an early appointment schedule. Completely fill up the form. The reference number will be sent to the email you have placed. It will include a link where you can print out your application form.

REMINDER! Both ways will still require you to bring a printed version of your application form.


TIP! Early schedule means fewer lines to wait in.


*In a case that you have booked MULTIPLE appointments, the previous appointment will then be cancelled and the latest appointment schedule you have chosen will be the one considered.


Step 3: Go to your appointment.

TIP! Before going to your appointment, double check all the required requirements. Make sure that you have them all with you. (valid IDs, original and photocopied versions of the required requirements, and passport application form.)

REMINDER! Proper dress code must be observed when going to your appointment. Shorts and sandals are NOT ALLOWED.

Other reminders:

  • Applicants that are ages 0 and above must make a personal appearance during the appointment.
  • For an applicant that is of minor age, a parent or guardian has to be present also during the appointment itself.
  • Make sure to arrive at your chosen DFA site BEFORE your appointment. To be safe, be there at least 30 minutes earlier because the DFA may no longer entertain the appointments of applicants who are late.
  • You must bring cash for your processing fee. The price for the regular processing, which means 15 days of processing, will cost you Php950. But if you want a faster processing, the express processing, which means 7 days of processing, will cost you Php1200.
  • TAKE NOTE! Appointments that have been scheduled on a Saturday automatically means that you are applying for the express processing and you will have to pay Php1200 for the processing.
  • Just to be safe, it is advisable to bring extra cash in any case that there may be additional fees required for you to pay.


Step 4: At the application counter at the DFA site, you present your printed application.


Step 5: You have to get a number and then you fall in line at the information center. And once your number is called, bring out your documents and present it for verification. (Don’t worry this process is now more convenient compared to in the past. There are seats available for you while you wait.)


Step 6: Pay your regular or express processing fee at the passport enrollment section. (Don’t worry about getting lost as well because the DFA has placed signs that will lead you the next section you would need to do)


Step 7: Go to the Encoding Section. The Encoding Section is where you will have your photo taken and your biometric information recorded.




Step 8: You can choose where your passport will be delivered once it is ready. You can opt to have it delivered directly to your home or if you prefer to have it be personally picked up by you at the DFA office. The Delivery Counter at the DFA office is where you can specify this request.

Now, all you have to do is to wait till you receive your Philippine passport.

“What if I don’t have my original birth certificate?”

You order it online at this link à

“Oh no, I forgot to photocopy my documents!”

Don’t worry, there are photocopying services near the DFA. You can have them photocopied there but expect it to be more expensive than the usual.

“Can I plan my trip even before I receive my passport?”

It is best to wait for your passport to arrive for it may take weeks or even months before you get it.

Please share this article if you find it helpful. Thank you! – OFWTayo Team

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