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5 Hotels to Stay in Cambodia Without the Need to Break the Bank

Moving into a strange new country and traveling its many places to visit can be time-consuming. While you can travel from one place to another and not taking steps back in the process, having a quick trip to an exotic region as Cambodia can be a wasted opportunity to know the country and its culture better.

But when you are allowed a few weeks of stay given an Cambodia eVisa at hand, why spend just 24 hours rushing from one point to another and miss out on the tiny details which makes the visit a more worthwhile endeavor?

When in the kingdom to the South East, time is not against you. All you need is the right lodging to spend the night in and continue to roam the place you never knew.

With enough dollars in your pocket and the right place to look, you can book some lodging plentiful of times already even before you call the overall travel as expensive.

Here are a few budget hotels you can stay in if you are in Cambodia:

Billabong Hotel and Hostel, Phnom Penh

For as cheap as just $10 per night to as high as $65, nothing beats Billabong Hotel and Hostel for its costs of accommodation commensurate to its price if you are in Phnom Penh. Not only do you get to say in some of the well-appointed rooms with their own amenities in the city, it also offers breakfast for free in the morning.

Burly Guesthouse

At a very low cost of just $8 to as much as $13, the Burly Guesthouse makes for a good choice during the cool season when air conditioners are not a requirement for comfort. Featuring basic rooms made cool by electric fans, you literally get what you pay for if you are in a very steep budget.

Comfort House

While not being too expensive, the Comfort House puts more value to the money you are paying at the rate of $20 at least per night of stay thanks to its stylish décor, furniture, and heavenly amenities. When you think the benefits ended from there, expect to have free meal in the morning early the next day.

Diamond Palace

Just a couple of minutes’ walk from the Royal Palace and riverfront area, the Diamond Palace caters for wannabe kings and queens with a tight budget. For as low as $20 per stay, you will be pampered with amenities and lodging that gives you the impression you are treated like royalty in a foreign place.

Diamond Palace II Hotel

Not too far away from the Diamond Palace and consequently, the Royal Palace and riverfront area, Diamond Palace II is the place to be if you put aesthetics over space as your priority in lodging. Stylish enough to set itself apart from other lodgings of its kind, this hotel tries to complement real-good stay-in experience with actual beautiful aesthetics.

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