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Nightlife in Cambodia: A Night with Conservatism But Not Without the Fun

Of the many Asian cultures which are known to be generally conservative, Cambodians are perhaps among the most conservative, especially in matters of displaying affection, mannerism, and clothing.

When holding hands in public or displaying intimacy towards a partner is an act often welcomed in different cultures from other countries, especially those in the West, Cambodians usually find embarrassment to, rooted in what appears to be a norm embedded in their culture.

However, the predominantly Buddhist Cambodia is not a stranger to late night happenings that are, historically, of Western influence, to which many from within the country and elsewhere are attracted to.

Be it foreigners from neighboring countries such as Vietnam—which adds variety into the Asian mix—or to the more distant Western countries, the lights that lit the country’s city streets and the sounds that reverberates the area in addition to the gatherings of people who know how to party shift the country’s persona from being conservative to the less so.

But with a nightlife more locally orientated than meant for foreigners, the night time goings-on in the conservative country is probably truer to the impression it lives on and exudes once you’re already there.

When Go Go bars are often a place for scantily-clad women who are there to entertain men and even do naughty things—as is generally true to businesses such as this in every country—Cambodia’s conservative culture prevails among its hostesses who choose to cover their bodies rather than show them for added appeal in the kind business they are in.

That might or might not be true to all of Cambodia, but that is definitely the truth to certain areas.

Yet, for a business that caters for the wilder nature of men, the mostly-Buddhist country is packed full of nightclubs—some of which running round the clock—especially in people-dense places such as the city. Apart from the locals, the cities of Cambodia are also a temporary abode to wandering travelers, backpackers, and tourists who significantly add more color to the country’s already interesting places.

If you are coming from a country whose economy is significantly stronger than that of Cambodia’s, expect to get more from your cash when you convert it to Riel—the country’s currency—and began purchasing. Many from developed Western countries truly benefit from this fact which makes the country a haven to those people.

During happy hours in Siem Reap alone—the home to the famous and largest religious temple, Angkor Wat—can get you beers for less than $1 a pop. In fact, even imported beers are cheap in the country since a single dollar can fetch you two full bottles of it.

If this kind of cost does not challenge how deep is your wallet, your tolerance for booze is definitely up to the test, especially as a party-goer.

When all the fun is done and you feel like pampering yourself in some relaxation or beautification, there are establishments in Cambodia which caters on people’s pleasure such as massage and beauty parlors which offer services as little as $2.

If you are from outside of Cambodia as you are reading this and are ecstatic in checking the night scenes of the country for yourself, there is no better time to get your Cambodia eVisa than now.

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