boc erases balikbayan boxes regulations christmas 2017

With just less than 80 days away before Christmas, Philippine’s Bureau of Customs (BOC) is loosening up in what appeared to be a tighter regulation which was originally introduced last August 1, 2017. The tight-fisted regulation which brought forth qualms to both the recipients and the OFWs abroad was temporarily suspended by Isidro Lapeña, Philippine Customs chief, as of Oct. 3, 2017. However, the suspension is nothing but temporary as

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During times of war and revolt, heroes are those who wield guns and shed their blood in the name of their country and fellow countrymen. But at times of peace, heroes are those who risked going for abroad in exchange for their known ways and comfort, all in order to provide better living for their family—yet, ironically, not many people know them by it apart from those whom they provide

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Of the many Asian cultures which are known to be generally conservative, Cambodians are perhaps among the most conservative, especially in matters of displaying affection, mannerism, and clothing. When holding hands in public or displaying intimacy towards a partner is an act often welcomed in different cultures from other countries, especially those in the West, Cambodians usually find embarrassment to, rooted in what appears to be a norm embedded in

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To travel in another country is truly a great privilege. But if you have not experienced any new dishes native to that country, then you are missing out a lot of the nation’s culture. This is perhaps true if you are to travel to Cambodia—the home to the ever-popular Angkor Wat, the seat of the capital city Phnom Penh, and equally important, are its conservative, mostly Buddhist inhabitants. You may

Norodom Sihamoni, King of Cambodia, October 14, 2004 – present

From its turbulent times that shocked the world to a more peaceful one which see the nation transform into a more prosperous kingdom under the rule of a monarch, to seemingly ordinary people, Cambodia is full of people that, in one way or another, left a mark that cannot be erased in man’s history. The following are Cambodia’s most famous people renowned by the history they left with the people

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Moving into a strange new country and traveling its many places to visit can be time-consuming. While you can travel from one place to another and not taking steps back in the process, having a quick trip to an exotic region as Cambodia can be a wasted opportunity to know the country and its culture better. But when you are allowed a few weeks of stay given an Cambodia eVisa

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Traveling the Kingdom of Cambodia with an eVisa Traveling can be anyone’s greatest pleasure. To be in places where not many can get to is a privileged experience not granted to all people. This is probably truer still if you move have the wanderlust to move from one country to another with a passport in hand which grants you such freedom. As a Filipino with his own passport in hand,

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Raising a child is not an easy task. There are responsibilities and duties that parents have to fulfill in order to give their children the life that they deserve. All the challenges and struggles that parents overcome by themselves just to spare their children from those hardships. But imagine all those responsibilities and duties, challenges and struggles, being experienced by only one parent. Being a parent is already a difficult

30th ASEAN summit Philippines 2017

The celebration of the 30th ASEAN Summit was hosted in the Philippines from April 26-29, 2017. The Philippines being the host has played a vital role in this celebration. All eyes are focused on the Philippines. And with that, issues and problems that are also raised by the Philippines  have been given close attention to. The leader of the 10 ASEAN member states have discussed and come up with numerous

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There are only two countries in the world that do not have laws on divorce, the Vatican and the Philippines. And because of this, if in any case a married Filipino man or Filipino woman, who has a living spouse, who wishes to legally and formally end their marriage, it is necessary for them to undergo the tedious process of annulment. Married couples must make a petition for annulment. Through