pagibig calamity loan program

Ever experienced hearing an impending bad news to a place you have known to call home, arising from what appears to be a force of nature that cannot be stopped on its track? The experience can indeed be real scary especially if the household you call a sanctuary is not rugged or in a well enough position to shield you from nature’s approaching fury. But this could get significantly worse

pagibig multi purpose loan

Being an active member of PAG-IBIG has its perks especially in situations where finances has become a sudden or perceived as an issue. Technically a Home Development Mutual Fund, PAG-IBIG is a national savings program founded to provide private and government employees assistance in their finance. Specifically, this refers to PAG-IBIG’s Multi-Purpose Salary Loan which is a short-term money-lending plan meant for eligible members for the following reasons: Capital for

pagibig housing loans

Home or the physical abode, like in many other people, is a critical element in any family’s life. Not only does it acts as a sanctuary of safety for each and every member of the household, it also acts as a shelter by which any family can grow with peace and dignity. Many governments across the globe share the same plight about the inalienable right of each and every person

provident benefits pagibig total accumulated savings tav

There are different government agencies here in the Philippines that offer different avenues for Filipinos in order for them to save and earn more money. Pag-Ibig has a fund that not most people know about. The fund offers different benefits and incentives that any Filipino would find useful and helpful. Pag-Ibig Fund assures and pledges that a Pag-Ibig member can be allowed to refund their Total Accumulate Savings (TAV). The

PAG IBIG Cash Loan Requirements For OFWs

Old is the notion that our fellow overseas countrymen are the ample milking cow of any Filipino household. While it is true that those who risked working from abroad may be having the privilege of earning more from than their local counterparts, being an OFW does not necessarily mean one who does not run out of money. Like any thing that is finite in source, money, too, is a limited