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President Rodrigo Duterte proposes a creation of OFW Department

Duterte promises separate department for Overseas Filipino Workers ( OFWs )

“In a few months, you will have a department on OFW only,” said President Rodrigo Duterte to the Filipino Community in Bahrain during his 3 day visit.


The Department of Labor and Employment is currently the department that handles concerns relating to OFWs. Even before the current President was seated, he already expressed his want to establish a separate department for the OFWs, a separate agency for sailors and maritime authority.

There were some Filipinos who raised questions to the president regarding the update of his said plan.

The president responded by saying that in order for the creation of the new department to push through, congress must first pass a law that states its creation.

“The creation of a department does not belong to me,” he said.

He emphasized that the creation of the separate department was so that people would “have a direct line” with him. And he also gave precautions regarding “fly-by-night” recruitment agencies.

President Duterte’s visit was a three-country trip in Middle East countries to further strengthen diplomatic relations.







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