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Engineers and Healthcare Professionals, Among The Top Paid OFWs in 2017

Working abroad already have its own advantages when it comes to boosting your financial capabilities.

However, there are specific works that are tagged as highest paid abroad. OFWs in the field of health care and sea-based engineers are the ones that are considered the highest paid individuals as of 2017. Sea-based engineers, land-based engineers, healthcare professional, and IT professionals are being offered jobs with a minimum pay of P99,000/month.
According to a report from the website, a chief engineer has a salary of approximately P96,000/month and US-based ship masters has a minimum pay of P99,000/month.
Moreover, land-based engineers that are working in Middle East and Asia Pacific has a salary of P57,000 (Middle East) and P59,000 (Asia Pacific).
In the Middle East, healthcare professionals are offered with high amount of salary. Doctors, specifically those who specializes in pediatric child care can be paid as much as P86,000/month, nurses can earn as much as P65,00 and veterinarians are paid P58,000.
IT professionals are also well-compensated in Asia-Pacific, gaining a salary of P54,00/month even those who have no experience.
If you belong to one of those professions, you have a higher chance of earning more abroad. Nonetheless, the key to having worry-free financially is to spend according to your means and save your hard-earned money as much as possible.

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