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Florida Police Arrests A Filipino Man After Planning A Mass Shooting In The Area

An OFW in Florida is currently in hot waters after allegedly planning a mass shooting at Northeast Florida.

The suspect was identified as Bernardino Gawala Bolatete, who tried to purchase a gun through an undercover officer, said Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams.


After receiving a tip, police authorities suspected Bolatete and started investigation on him. It revealed that he is planning a mass shooting that will happen at the Islamic Center.

According to reports, an officer in an undercover mission tried to contact him and arranged the purchase of the silencer which is expected to be used as the weapon for the mass shooting.

Taped conversations proved that Bolatete indeed have plans to penetrate a mass shooting.

According to officials, Bolatete hate Muslims so much and plans to shoot a mosque.

The arrest was made that Friday during the delivery of the silencer.

Bolatete told police officers that he was a range master back in the Philippines and his anger broke out after being shot over a parking space dispute.

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