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Government of Kuwait Asks For A Lifting Of Ban on the Deployment of OFWs

In line with the recent ban on the deployment of OFWs to Kuwait, the Kuwaiti Foreign Affairs managed to summon their Philippine Ambassador to address the issue.

Ambassador Renato Pedro Villa Jr. met with Sami Abdulaiz Al Hamad, Kuwait’s Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs to talk about the issue as well as the lifting of the ban.
This deployment ban will take effect as they are still pending cases of seven deaths of OFWs in Kuwait.
Furthermore, Villa also stressed that OFWs which will get affected are only those first-timers and not those returning OFW on vacation and still have exiting contracts from their employers.
Kuwait Deputy Foreign Minister Khalid Al-Jarallah states that the suspension does not serve common interest of both countries. He said that Kuwait has become “a desirable destination for workers who live in safety and stability.
Kuwait is also open the current condition of OFWs in their country.
One of the cases mentioned in the meeting was the case involving 500 OFWs who were forced to stay in Kuwait because their employer, who is a Kharafi national, failed to pay their proper wages.
Another 300 household service workers (HSWs) were currently under the custody of the Philippines Embassy after they got subjected to abuse from their employers.
Futhermore, Villa also asked everyone’s understanding regarding the recent lift of ban directed by the President and wait until the order changes.
There are about 260,000 OFWs in Hong Kong, 170,000 out of which are as household workers.

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