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High Court Rejects The Bid Of Pinoy Who Overstayed in Hong Kong For 19 Years

An overstaying Filipino in Hong Kong for 19 years failed to post bail for a temporary release.

The man was identified as Manuel C Sy, Jr., 20-years old. Manuel had to hide for many years because he was refused a dependent’s visa way back 1998.

The Filipino was arrested just few weeks ago in a supermarket when he tried to shoplift food items worth $54.

The bail application was rejected by Court of First Instance Judge Kevin Zervos weeks before his trial on Dec. 21 at Shatin court for his overstaying charges.

According to the judge, the defendant failed to show himself before the court during the earlier hearing and could possibly repeat this later on.

Court records says that SY went to Hong Kong last 1998 to be with his mother who is a permanent resident. However, the application of his mother to take him was denied by the immigration for unknown reasons.

Sy was given a chance for bail as long as he stays only at his parent’s rented house. But after failing to appear on the court last July 28 for the hearing, the bail was cancelled and an arrest warrant was issued instead.

“I did not go to the hearing because I had no money,” says Sy.

Upon investigation, it was found out the Sy is not staying with his mother anymore and had no communication for the past 2 years.

“I’m not prepared to grant you bail because it is likely that you won’t appear again at the appointed date of trial,” says Zervos.

Sy’s trial goes on this Dec. 21.


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