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Manuel Roxas Absent On PhP100 Bill? This Netizen Shares Her Side of the Story

Everybody’s excited for their Christmas bonus but this one netizen got the surprise of her life. Earla Anne Yehey posted on her social media account a photo of PhP100 bills without the photo of Manuel Roxas. Despite the confusion, it sparked jokes and memes online.

According to Earla, she withdrew the money at a BPI ATM. When she checked the bills, she was shocked to see the faceless PhP100. In her Facebook post, she even tagged BPI and Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) to call their attention.

Netizens had so much fun with this post, making various jokes and showed less concern that the money might be invalid. Earla, can just change it at BSP or BPI but it takes a lot of hassle especially because she was planning to give it to her godchildren.
Some netizens even thinks that Roxas is out, vacationing with his family or friends after decades of appearing in the paper bill.

Another netizen also said that Roxas might just be out there, looking for some bitcoins.
Everyone is aware that the situation is a bit serious especially because the money might become null. However, others still thinks it’s a bit funny especially now that it’s Christmas season and Manuel Roxas might have took some time to take a vacation.
Though others made fun of the situation, others were serious enough and blamed the government agency for their irresponsible quality control.
As of the money, both BSP and BPI haven’t released their official statement regarding the issue.


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