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Money Saving Tips That OFWs Need To Follow STRICTLY

When you work abroad, you aim higher salary and added benefit as an employee all because you want to uplift your financial contributions to the family. However, some OFWs tend to neglect the hardships they’ve been through just to get to the country where they are working. They tend to misuse their hard earned money, all for their unnecessary wants.

As an OFW, it is very important to control your spending so you can be with your family in the Philippines sooner. With enough savings, you cannot stay in the Philippines for good because your family will be relying to you. Hence, if you save, you can reap the fruit of your sacrifices in no time!

If you think you’re handling your money the wrong way then you should learn to resolve it using these tips.

  1. Too Much Remittances For The Family

Most OFWs spend their money on things that they can’t really afford. Site for example the remittances they send to their families in the Philippines. Most OFWs are obligated to send remittances every month, but are failing to monitor where the money are really spent. As supposed the “highest earner” of the family, they tend to send almost everything from their salary without leaving something for themselves.


Make your family understand that there is a limit to what you can give to them. Make sure that they are spending your money only to the most necessary things. Additionally, you can help in setting up a small business for them for additional income.

  1. Too Much Expenses For Yourself

Another common thing on OFWs are their inability to control themselves from spending too much on things that they actually don’t need. The basic conception would be ‘the more you earn, the more you spend’. This is totally wrong. Learn to prioritize things and limit your expenses.


Correct your misconception. Instead of spending more when you have increased salary, try to save more out of it. Try to live just within your means.

  1. Too Much Expenses To Impress Others

When you go home to the Philippines for a vacation, it is okay to bring ‘pasalubong’ to your loved ones but sponsoring lavish feasts and parties is too much. Remember that you crossed seas to go and work abroad. Learn to value your hard-earned money.

Upon follow these money saving tips for OFWs, you will surely and definitely succeed in the near future.

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