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No More Skype in UAE, Telecom Companies Offer Alternatives… With A Price

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in UAE will no longer have access to the voice and video call of Skype as the app was blocked throughout the entire country.

Etisalat and Du, telecom providers in UAE, formally confirmed the news in their social media accounts. According to Etisalat, UAE does not support unauthorized and unlicensed used of Voice and Internet Protocol (VoIP) like Skype.
“The access to the Skype App is blocked since it is providing unlicensed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Service, which falls under the classification of prohibited contents as per the United Arab Emirates’ Regulatory Framework,” says Etisalat.
Skype also confirmed that their app is blocked in UAE.
However, Etisalat and Du offered “unlimited” voice and video call services to all Skype user through Botim and C’me but with a Dh50 monthly charge.

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