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OFW Collapsed Amidst The Sea of People Shopping in a Super Sale in UAE

Because of too much exhaustion and an overwhelming number of people, this OFW in Dubai collapsed at Deira City Center during a 3-hour-limited shopping spree at Athlete’s Co. last Friday, December 29, 2017.

According to the witnesses, the woman rushed to the mall very early in the morning while it was still closed and waited there for a long time.
As the mall opened at 9 am, the Filipina rushed through the pool of shoppers, wanting to take advantage of the Dh49-all-items-sale.
In the video posted by The Filipino Times, a pool of shoppers are in queue outside the store for the payment of their items or just to get inside the shop.
The supposed happy shopping spree turned into a mad rush as people continued to pour even at around 9:45 am.
There are even customers who are trying their best to dig into the bottom of the pile just to find the best item for them. The push and pull continued along and everyone is frantic to get an item or two.
When suddenly, a Filipina, accompanied by another Filipina, suddenly collapsed amidst the huge crowd.
In the video, it can be seen that some people are trying to help, reviving her as much as possible.
According to Athlete’s Co. they tried their best to calm the shoppers. However, they weren’t expecting the thousands of people who rushed to their store, resulting to a temporary halt of sale and the store was closed at 10 in the morning.
The unexpected thousands of shoppers caused traffic jams and long tailback in the area as well.
Filipinos are advised to have enough sleep and meal before going to rush sale to avoid the same incident from happening again.

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