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OFW Father Cries For Justice After Wife and Child Were Slayed

An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) went back to his family in the Philippines only to see them dead.

Marlon Gamos couldn’t stop his tears from falling by the time he reached the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Tuesday in the morning.


According to Gamos, it was Thursday night when they last talked before they were found dead. He even showed their selfies which was sent to him before the mother and daughter went to sleep that night.

It was Gamos’ daily routine to talk to his wife and child every morning but last Friday night, he was confused why his wife Ruby unavailable online.

He asked his sibling to go to their house in Barangay Navarro, General Trias, Cavite but was left confused because the light in their house was turned off. Gamos continued looked for his family for one week.

Monday morning, Marlon called the mother of Ruby to confirm if they are with her. Unfortunately, his mother-in-law said that Ruby was not with them.

Marlon then asked someone to open their house only to find out the dead body of his wife and child.

Marlon felt total despair upon hearing the news while still in the ship as he is working as a seaman. Luckily, he was immediately granted a flight back to the Philippines after the news broke up.

Marlon is calling for JUSTICE.

According to him, his wife and child are very kind-hearted. He never thought that this will happen to them. If the motive if robbery, they should have just took everything in their house and left them alive.

He sacrificed being away from them so they can have a good life but everything ended up tragically.

SURRENDER – it was his only message to the people who killed his family. He hopes that the people behind it will feel guilt and conscience too.

Gamos also asked the help of the President to acquire justice for his family. He also hopes that the death penalty gets implemented soon enough to punish these criminals who are obviously under the influence of illegal drugs.

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