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8 OFW Investment Opportunities for 2017

Having a decent job paired with a good income may be a dream come true to many able workers who wished economic advancement in life as gotten through hard work. For the many Filipinos who could not meet these two conditions in their own country, it only meant one thing: find the so-called “greener pasture” from abroad.

Yet, while other sounder economies may seem like a gold mine for these people, the harsh reality, however, still reminds them that the opportunities made available to them are not necessarily incessant but only temporary.

Fortunately for these very same people, sticking to their overseas jobs is not meant to be the only solution to their livelihood problems. With the right capital for investment and the right ideas for business, even the average, small worker across the seas can become an instant entrepreneur.

When it comes to business, the following are some of the best that works:

8 Business Investment Opportunities Every OFW Should Consider

Rice Business

With rice as a staple food for all Filipinos, you can never go wrong in starting a business which provides easy access to the demanded product. Profit with selling this product is so guaranteed, the only time you would be out of business is if you’re reckless with your income or you’re having the poor choice of always just keeping tabs from your usual customers.

Sari-Sari Store

Literally, a store which sells a wide assortment of products—edible or otherwise—a sari-sari store may be all too common in the country as a small means of business since time immemorial. However, this is for a good reason: sari-sari stores provide money growth than merely having to keep your money in a piggy bank where it “sleeps.”

Nowadays, however, your products do not just have to be tangible or edible, it can even be digital, too, thanks to the so-called e-loading business for prepaid network subscribers.

At the right setting, a sari-sari store can be a primary go-to by the community for its various needs.

Water Purifying Station

Like food, the demand for a clean drinking water is staple and never goes out. But as the water supply that comes out of our faucets are not always reliable for drinking, water purifiers make for a primary solution to this kind of water problem.

But, as many Filipinos are not too keen with availing of this kind of “luxury,” not many households have water purifiers built with their water supply.

This is the reason why Water Purifying Stations, as means of business, make for a very profitable endeavor especially when established. With the right devices and the manpower for its operation, including the vehicle to be used for deliveries, your Water Purifying Station is all set.

Travel and Tours

Underneath it all, this kind of business may require more than just having a name to your business, its own tarpaulin, and a stall or office for its operations. If you are planning on starting a travel and tours services, you would also need an active internet connection and a credit card.

With this business, you can sell air, boat, or bus tickets which your traveler consumers need.


Live Stock

If you are living in the city, this is probably not a very good option for you especially so that this kind of business can be considered “messy” and “smelly” if not in the right conditions, unless referring to very low maintenance animals as chickens.

Ideally, this is more for those who lived in the rural setting and with the right space, as in the backyard.

Live stock is a general term which may refer to any live animals that can be raised and multiplied for income such as chicken, ducks, quails, pigs, cows, and the like.

Of these animals, perhaps chickens are the easiest to raise as they are of very low maintenance which makes for a good start. You can either raise roosters which can be used for cockfights or raise hens for their eggs, even a combination of both. Either way, both have their own means of generating you income.

On the other hand, other live stocks, as mentioned, may require more effort and space and thus require you more consideration of pursuing.

Food Cart Business

Filipinos love to eat and is the reason why many businesses established in the country are centered about foods and meals. But as not everyone has the capital to start his or her own restaurant with a name of his or her own choosing, or even make a franchise out of the existing, sometimes starting out small is a good way to go.

If you want to make an official business involving foods along or inside malls, becoming a hawker is not the right way to do it. You would need to franchise: commonly, as a small food cart business.

Laundry Business

Living in a bustling city where everyone is in a hustle, there has got to be a few people who cannot find time to do even the important such as doing the week’s laundry. While this may be true towards yuppies or the busy office workers who could not miss on any party, this is also true towards students in universities who hate to do the laundry work.

By starting a laundry business in this kind of place, you are filling in with the demand of these potential customers of doing the laundry on their behalf for a fee.

Stock Market Investment

The stock market can make or break a seemingly rich individual in just a blink of an eye. In can be lucrative one day but may not be on another which therefore begs for wise trading decisions.

But while the game of stock market investment is about taking big risks for big returns, not every stock market investors lose money in this kind of business as there are also options for less risk albeit of smaller returns.

Those who do end up getting rich, however, more than just knows how to play the game of the stock market, they also know how to wait things out to gain bigger and snowballing returns.







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