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OFW Jailed Over Theft Charges, Just As She Is About To Go Home To The Philippines For Good

An Overseas Filipino Worker in Hong Kong is jailed over theft charges filed by her nurse employer. Melinda Estalonio was accused of stealing an earring.

According to the friends of Estalonio, the OFW was arrested on Dec 18, just three days before the overseas tour of her employers.
Estalonio already worked for 12 years on the same employers. She was also looking forward into getting her long service pay before she goes home to the Philippines for good.
Her friends were alarmed after she became unreachable. Her friends then went to the flat where she lives and knocked on their door, but to no avail, no one answered. They decided to ask the guard on the whereabouts of Estalonio and that’s when they found out that she was taken away but policemen on Dec 18.
Her friends then rushed to Kwuntong police but they didn’t found Estalonio there.
They asked for help at the Consulate’s Assistance to Nationals Section and luckily, they were able to know the location of Estalonio. She was jailed at Tai Lam Women’s Correctional.
The case of Estalonio is set for another hearing this coming January 30, in Kwuntong Court, according to The SUN.

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