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How OFWs Can Update Their PhilHealth Membership Even When Staying Abroad

PhilHealth offers numerous advantages especially when it comes to medical expenses. Overseas Filipino Workers are not exempted from these benefits. They just need to pay an amount of P2,400.00/year to be able to avail the PhilHealth Benefits.

All benefits offered by PhilHealth can only be enjoyed by individuals or OFWs with updated membership data record.

Benefits of PhilHealth To OFWs

  1. The confinements of OFWs with an updated contribution as well as their dependents are paid by PhilHealth using the All Case Rate payment scheme.
  2. When outside the country, OFWs can claim reimbursement of hospital bills. They are given 180 days to submit the claim documents in any PhilHealth Office in the Philippines.
  3. All qualified dependents can enjoy the same benefits as the principal members. This way, OFWs will not have to worry about their family members in the Philippines. PhilHealth will support all inpatient care using the All Case Rate payment scheme.
  4. OFWs who have paid a minimum of 120 months are entitled to a Lifetime Membership as they reach retirement age.
  5. It is very easy to avail the benefits offered by PhilHealth, both for OFWs and their dependents.
  6. PhilHealth ensures more than 4,600 medical and surgical procedures, which includes cancer-related cases and other forms of dreaded diseases. Hospitalization that is associated with these diseases is paid by PhilHealth.

These are the steps that OFWs should follow to update their PhilHealth membership data record.

  1. Download the PhilHealth Registration Form which can be found on the official website of PhilHealth.
  2. Look for the box ‘For Updating’ and check it.
  3. Fill out the necessary information. Double check everything before submitting.
  4. After securing that the details are properly filled, email the form to
  5. A copy of your updated Membership Data Record will be sent to you.

NOTE: Overseas Filipino Workers are allowed to pay their contribution five years in advance, depending on the employment contract duration.

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