Taiwan grants paid leave for migrant workers

Taiwan grants paid leave for migrant workers Taiwan now adding new benefits and protection for migrant workers in their country. According to Ministry of Labor (MOL) said Tuesday, “Migrant workers in Taiwan are now eligible for paid leave after one year of service”. This means our OFWs in Taiwan will enjoy paid vacation, marriage leave, bereavement leave, and personal leave. The new regulations stipulate that employers cannot deny to grant

duterte ofw department

Duterte promises separate department for Overseas Filipino Workers ( OFWs ) “In a few months, you will have a department on OFW only,” said President Rodrigo Duterte to the Filipino Community in Bahrain during his 3 day visit.     The Department of Labor and Employment is currently the department that handles concerns relating to OFWs. Even before the current President was seated, he already expressed his want to establish

tesda bookkeeping course

TESDA Bookkeeping Course: In-demand Profession That Requires Comprehensive Training Fresh from high school, many of today’s students chose a path that deals with numbers but not necessarily delving in academics or applied science. Not only is the numbers world an interesting field for certain people to build a career in, it is also lucrative in pay for those who find success in it. If any fresh from high school student

stock market investment ofw business opportunities

Having a decent job paired with a good income may be a dream come true to many able workers who wished economic advancement in life as gotten through hard work. For the many Filipinos who could not meet these two conditions in their own country, it only meant one thing: find the so-called “greener pasture” from abroad. Yet, while other sounder economies may seem like a gold mine for these

ofw savings value of philippines peso

Overseas Filipino Workers are the biggest influencers in saving the value of Peso. Just in February, a total of $2.17 billion cash remittances have been coursed in banks which was close to the same amount ($2.56) reached in December, which is one of the peak times for cash remittances. And remittances account for 10% of gross domestic product (GDP). And each year it continues to grow. The economy of the

SSS eyes mandatory OFW coverage

SSS eyeing to actualize a mandatory coverage for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) The Social Security System (SSS) here in the Philippines is currently eyeing to actualize a mandatory coverage for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) by approaching and seeking for support from lawmakers. This mandatory coverage of SSS seeks to broaden its members’ reach at the same time give security protection to OFWs. Emmanuel F. Dooc, SSS President and Chief Executie

The Filipino Channel United Kingdom:  Keeping Filipino Traditions for Pinoys Abroad

Living in the United Kingdom as an expatriate from the Philippines, many things may appear unusual. Of many things, culture shock and homesickness are common problems. But let not the difficulty of early assimilation take from you the dream of living the life you wanted, by taking with you a part of your heritage which reminds you of home while being away from it—The Filipino Channel (TFC) United Kingdom. The