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Philippines successfully hosts 30th ASEAN Summit 2017

The celebration of the 30th ASEAN Summit was hosted in the Philippines from April 26-29, 2017.

The Philippines being the host has played a vital role in this celebration. All eyes are focused on the Philippines. And with that, issues and problems that are also raised by the Philippines  have been given close attention to.

The leader of the 10 ASEAN member states have discussed and come up with numerous documents and proclamations which has led to the success of the 30th ASEAN Summit. And this success has resulted to various plans that will positively affect and improve the lives of all citizens of the 10 South East Asian countries – Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia,  Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Yet, still many question the relevance of a successful ASEAN integration. There are those that question how this event would then lead to a better life for the 10 countries.

So what are the benefits of people, most especially for Oveaseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), when a better ASEAN integration is achieved. How do these plans, documents, and agreements directly affect each citizen?


When there is an improved relationship amongst the 10 member states, OFWs can be assured that the discussion of their safety is also tackled. One of the priorities of the current administration is to improve the life of the new heroes of the Philippines. Thus making it a point that during an event such as the ASEAN Summit, the protection of OFWs is brought up to make sure that even those who Filipino citizens who aren’t in the Philippines will feel the effect of the ASEAN integration.


When there is cooperation amongst the member states and when there is better trade agreements that are created, this would mean an increase in the economic activity of each country. This would be extremely beneficial for the Philippines. But how would it affect OFWs? A better economic activity for the Philippines would mean that for the family members of OFWs residing here in the Philippines, the life they will experience here in the country will be better as well. You, as an OFW, can be ensured and assured that your family will slowly experience a more secure life.


Whether you, an OFW, are residing in one of the other 9 ASEAN member states or your family here in the Philippines, you will have easier access to products now because of free trade agreements. This will then mean a reduction of prices. Consumers can expect to have cheaper but still quality goods.  Both of you and your family can fully maximize the salary you get by being able to buy more goods.

And in time, when there is even more agreements and better cooperation in ASEAN, there will be more benefits and effects that will be felt by citizens in many different sectors and in many different levels.

Slowly but surely, you, an OFW, can expect that your life and your family’s life will be improved.

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