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Police Arrests Three Filipina Pickpockets in Singapore

Singapore Police arrested a gang of Filipino women allegedly from a team of pickpockets who victimizes unsuspecting shoppers in the shopping district of Orchard Road.

Image: The Straits Times

These three women allegedly steals wallets and mobile phones while shoppers are busy buying at malls.
Police authorities were able to identify the three women and were arrested last Friday. The three were found out to be from the Philippines.
S$1,117.20 cash, mobile phones, internet banking dongle, and EZ-Link Card were taken from them as evidence.
According to the statement released by the police, the modus operandi of these women is to catch the attention of their victims before vaguely stealing their important items.
The court will charge the three women on Saturday. If the court finds them guilty, they will face imprisonment unto three years, or fined.
“The Police would like to remind members of the public to be vigilant of their surroundings and to safeguard their belongings in crowded places, especially during this festive season,” says the police.

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