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Steps on How To Get OFW ID

Are you ready to grab you OFW ID? You won’t have to pay to get this card and everyone hopes that it remains free over the course of time. Here are some of the most important things to consider.

Steps to Get The OFW ID

  1. Go to the this website – Sign up for an account but if you already have, you can just sign in with your email and password.
  2. Type in your latest Overseas Employment Contract (OEC) Number. REMINDER: The system only accepts those OEC number with validity date starting from October 10, 2017 onwards.
  3. Once signed in, Click the “iDole One Stop Shop” then the “OFW ID Card”.
  4. Choose your delivery type or Pick-up location. You can pick the nearest POEA office in your area or you can send it through courier.
  5. Click “Proceed”. The system will now give you the reference number for your OFW ID. You can now pick-up your OFW ID.

After getting your OFW ID, you can now enjoy its advantages. Other than travel tax exemption and terminal fee, it also allows you to fast-track any government transactions. All your information from POEA, OWWA and DOLE are already integrated in the ID.

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