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TESDA Bookkeeping Course

TESDA Bookkeeping Course: In-demand Profession That Requires Comprehensive Training

Fresh from high school, many of today’s students chose a path that deals with numbers but not necessarily delving in academics or applied science. Not only is the numbers world an interesting field for certain people to build a career in, it is also lucrative in pay for those who find success in it.

If any fresh from high school student is thinking of making a career in this world, a few of the best options, as far as how lucrative the work is, would involve high educations lasting at least 4 to 5 years of serious study.

However, as not every student is fully capable of pursuing a 4-year or longer degree relevant to the field, many students instead would opt for a shorter program but nonetheless bring them closer to their dreams in the real world.

Of the many short courses currently being offered by the country’s premier authority in education and skills training, the Bookkeeping Course perfectly fits those aspiring students of going on a career towards accounting.

Perks of Going for a Short-term Course

Short-terms courses are implemented for some very good reasons: for those who are taking baby steps in life after high school, a short 2-year program ensures that students are more likely to finish their studies, unlike a 4- or 5-year bachelor’s degree course that costs both time and money.

For those who are confused on what to really pursue in life, short courses offer a good introductory experience for students who are not fully given to their educational choices. The first year alone is enough time for any student to learn and acclimatize to the nature of the will-be career they are trying to pursue.

Yet, perhaps the greatest benefit of choosing a short-term schooling is that, once finished, it qualifies any person in facing the real world as credited by real-life learning experience made intensified within the relatively short period.

TESDA-quality Training

When it comes to technical training, nothing matches the standards as what TESDA does for its qualified and willing students. With certifications that varies across different levels, TESDA has been at the forefront of producing skilled graduates who are ready to be deployed from across the globe, meeting the global market’s demands.

While many students, after going through TESDA’s short-term training, passing its NC I and NC II exams may be relatively easy. But the real challenge is in the highest tier of the examination which is the NC III exam which covers a deeper and broader scope about the Bookkeeping discipline as an independent profession or as a preparatory to a higher learning.

But as no soldiers go to war ill-equipped figuratively, future TESDA bookkeeping course examiners have better chances of passing its exams if undergoing through its own training system.

Specifically, the training includes preparing trial balance, preparing financial reports, reviewing internal control system, posting transactions, in addition to other more tasks fitted for a Bookkeeper.

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