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TESDA Culinary Course

TESDA Culinary Course: Because the Need for Great Cooks Never Run Out of Demand

Just imagine a world where no one cooks yet everyone eats. Not only is the picture severely lacking the needed manpower to cater for the hungry workforce, the idea creates an image of a world out of balance.

A lot of things can go wrong in a society whose people are hungry which therefore put cooks at an important spot in the world we live in.

While it is true that the premise will never be a reality to societies whose family legacy would involve passing down knowledge to younger generations on how to cook, there is a fine difference between a person who learned how to cook at home from one who learned many things about cooking in a place outside of home.

There are simply some limits to what a household can teach in cooking that an established and well-streamlined learning can cover.

The need for learned cooks is not just to supply the need of the hungry people, but also to embody an art which is often neglected by people but nonetheless appreciated by those who understood food in art.

While cooking alone is already an art and not as a result of mish-mashing an array of ingredients, it is so that requires knowledge rooted in years and years of previous people’s experiences about cooking.

Like many things that require serious undertaking, to be a cook is a discipline—it entails many things apart from just knowing what and how to cook.

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in food and service, especially in the restaurant, there is no better way of inching closer to that dream that getting yourself a quality education to pair up with your potentially existing skill in good cooking.

TESDA-Standard Cooks

As a technical skill which only requires a short but ample of time of learning, no other institution in the country produce the best of culinary graduates than TESDA.

TESDA, as its name implies, is true to its name as the agent responsible for developing its students’ technical education and skills. Through its Commercial Cooking NC II Short Course, enrolled students will get to learn things about their chosen field they would otherwise not elsewhere from school.

Such learnings, apart from just cooking, include:

  • Learning how to prepare or serve foods that are listed in the menu
  • Knowing the proper proportioning or weighing of meat cuts
  • How to receive kitchen supplies
  • Preparation of food recipes

TESDA Commercial Cooking fruit and vegetable carving






Raise Up the Bar

If you are thinking that this course is only for those who will eventually end up in a restaurant someday, you should think twice in how you view this field of study. While it is true that there are not much high-paying cooking jobs, there is also truth to the existence of 5-star restaurants that is a potentially lucrative source of income.

So, raise up the bar while you are at it. Do not settle for the small stuff if you know you can do better. Aim high while taking baby steps needed to reach that goal.

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