The Filipino Channel United Kingdom: Keeping Filipino Traditions for Pinoys Abroad

Living in the United Kingdom as an expatriate from the Philippines, many things may appear unusual. Of many things, culture shock and homesickness are common problems.

But let not the difficulty of early assimilation take from you the dream of living the life you wanted, by taking with you a part of your heritage which reminds you of home while being away from it—The Filipino Channel (TFC) United Kingdom.

the filipino channel united kingdom - tfc uk

The Challenges of Being an Expat

Growing up from one country and then leaving for another is not always an easy transition for everybody. To do so is to actually trade one’s familiar tradition to adopt that of another.
Specifically for Filipinos who had to give up the kind of life they had known all their lives in order to assimilate to a culture that is, more or less different than their own, is oftentimes a difficult trade which had them longing back to the familiar.

While having a fellow kababayan (countryman) is one means of easing the unsettling feeling of being in a totally different culture, others who are not as lucky find comfort in something that is remote yet intimate enough to feel a sense of belongingness—their country’s television programs.

Set Hollywood movies or other outstanding international TV programs aside, when it comes to being Filipino, nothing beats certain shows that they can truly relate from. Of these, unsurprisingly, The Filipino Channel easily fills that gap.

TFC in the United Kingdom


ABS-CBN’s global flagship program, The Filipino Channel, had been serving Filipinos across the globe in as early as 1994, setting itself as a pioneer trans-Asia Pacific broadcaster.

Although getting access to the beloved Filipino TV channel is possible via direct subscription cable or satellite dish, later technologies now also enabled more options for consumers to get TFC at the comforts of their abode: IPTV, online stream, and video on demand.

By default, The Filipino Channel is not offered as part of the original TV subscription. This means that for those who are eager in getting the channel with their views must discuss about it with their chosen service provider for its inclusion which may require additional payments to the monthly billing.

Alternatively, there are also those authorized sellers like The Filipino Channel UK who will personally provide you the device—plug-and-play which can easily be connected to either the VCR or TV and the router—and its service.

It is worth noting that there are only two major offices for TFC in Europe—namely in Hungary and Netherlands—which means that there is no need to visit any TFC office in the UK for any concern related to its service, apart from that of the local TV provider.

The cost for the service may vary according to which service provider will be offering the access to the channel and the kind of subscription for it. If you are opting for a package subscription, the cost may take around £26 to £65 whereas solely getting the channel may cost around £6 to £32.

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