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Top 3 Most Effective Investment Opportunities For OFWs

Overseas Filipino Workers are forced to work abroad because of the higher salary offered by foreign nations. They sacrifice with so many things yet they still remain strong for their families who are solely relying on them. That is why, their hard earned money must be given with utmost value. Investing it in the right things must be the top priority.

If you want to try investing your salary, there are many options for you. What’s important is you know what you are doing. As much as possible, study all possibilities before investing your money and time. Here are some investment options to consider.

Franchising Business

Business venture is one great effective opportunity to grow your money just in a short span of time. Franchising is a great option to consider especially if the business name and reputation is already established and known to many. Even small food carts end up with huge return on investment (ROI). Usually, food cart franchise starts at PhP35,000 to PhP200,000. If you think, this is too expensive, you can apply an OFW loan that can help you finance your business.

Real Estate

Currently, real estate is booming in the Philippines and you definitely need to take advantage of it. Nowadays, building houses isn’t as expensive as before but renting it to other families can become a good source of income. This is a very good investment for OFWs because the rentals from real estates are considered self-liquidating. Other options to consider is investing in buy and sell. This business are considered permanent and much more profitable.

Bank Investment

If you are afraid to lose the money you’ve investing, then try to put it in banks because it is the safest way of doubling your money. Different banks offer a huge option to suit your needs. Since banks protects you from losing money, it is mostly the most loved investment of OFWs these days.

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