TESDA to Help Returning OFWs, Marginalized People Through “Emergency Skills Training Program”

In a bid to curb the foreseeable unemployment of returning OFWs which will accrue to the millions of currently untenured Filipinos, the Technical Educations and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) announced last Tuesday, April 25, their intent to launch a project called “Emergency Skills Training Program.” Starting May 1, interested applicants from the OFW sector may submit their application to avail of the skills training program, according to TESDA Director General

tesda top10 indemand courses

The country does not run out of aspiring students willing to learn more of their chosen craft. Along with this idea is a growing trend that shapes the way we view Filipino’s perception about which jobs will pave easy accessibility or for better living, hence their relative demand. According to TESDA, the top 10 in-demand courses of last year are as follows: Shielded metal arc welding (course II) – 52,650

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Home or the physical abode, like in many other people, is a critical element in any family’s life. Not only does it acts as a sanctuary of safety for each and every member of the household, it also acts as a shelter by which any family can grow with peace and dignity. Many governments across the globe share the same plight about the inalienable right of each and every person

ofws unsung heroes of philippine economy

During times of war and revolt, heroes are those who wield guns and shed their blood in the name of their country and fellow countrymen. But at times of peace, heroes are those who risked going for abroad in exchange for their known ways and comfort, all in order to provide better living for their family—yet, ironically, not many people know them by it apart from those whom they provide

Senior Citizens Discounts - Requirements, Rights, Benefits and Privileges

Discounts, Requirements, Rights, Benefits and Privileges of Pinoy Senior Citizens There has been a significant amount of budget that has been apportioned to the social pension fund of senior citizens by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). The goal is to reach at least 1.3 M senior citizens that would benefit from it. The apportioned are for Indigent Senior Citizens (SocPen). It covers elderly people that are weak,

ofw daddy and daughther hearth breaking moment ofw stories

The pain of being an Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) is not just about leaving their home country, it isn’t just about the hours and hours of work they put and not being able to be physically comforted by their family at the end of the day, but the pain of having to leave even if they don’t want to is one that deeply pierces the heart. No parent or child

cambodia nightlife

Of the many Asian cultures which are known to be generally conservative, Cambodians are perhaps among the most conservative, especially in matters of displaying affection, mannerism, and clothing. When holding hands in public or displaying intimacy towards a partner is an act often welcomed in different cultures from other countries, especially those in the West, Cambodians usually find embarrassment to, rooted in what appears to be a norm embedded in

Malis Restaurant Cambodia

To travel in another country is truly a great privilege. But if you have not experienced any new dishes native to that country, then you are missing out a lot of the nation’s culture. This is perhaps true if you are to travel to Cambodia—the home to the ever-popular Angkor Wat, the seat of the capital city Phnom Penh, and equally important, are its conservative, mostly Buddhist inhabitants. You may

Norodom Sihamoni, King of Cambodia, October 14, 2004 – present

From its turbulent times that shocked the world to a more peaceful one which see the nation transform into a more prosperous kingdom under the rule of a monarch, to seemingly ordinary people, Cambodia is full of people that, in one way or another, left a mark that cannot be erased in man’s history. The following are Cambodia’s most famous people renowned by the history they left with the people

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There are different government agencies here in the Philippines that offer different avenues for Filipinos in order for them to save and earn more money. Pag-Ibig has a fund that not most people know about. The fund offers different benefits and incentives that any Filipino would find useful and helpful. Pag-Ibig Fund assures and pledges that a Pag-Ibig member can be allowed to refund their Total Accumulate Savings (TAV). The